Escalator Cleaning

For many of our clients, escalators are by far the most expensive flooring in their facilities. We have the tools, expertise, and cleaning products to maintain these investments.

Regular Escalator Cleaning

escalator cleaning

Maintaining your escalators through regular cleaning is a cost-effective way to protect your capital investment. It also helps reduce operational risk. Here are some of the benefits of implementing frequent, consistent cleaning of escalators, inclinators, and moving walkways:

  • Removal of oil buildup — less risk of slips and falls
  • Dust removal for longer equipment life
  • Less downtime, especially when compared to periodic deep-cleaning or repairs
  • No traffic disruption
  • Improve cleanliness appearance to your guests

Handrail Disinfection

Escalator handrails are points of frequent contact. Even before the global outbreak of COVID-19, many of our clients set disinfection of these surfaces as a high priority. It is even more important these days.

Like many other surfaces, the unique materials in handrails require specific cleaning products and techniques. Using the right chemicals helps extend the lifespan of your equipment and prevents surfaces below from being damaged from incorrect chemicals being sprayed onto the carpet and tile.  Observing the indicated dwell times and applying the product correctly ensures maximum pathogen kill.

The goal is zero-disruption disinfection that preserves your handrails and kills the maximum amount of bacteria and viruses. We can do this ourselves or set up your maintenance staff with the proper procedure and product.

Escalator Restoration

Every high-traffic surface you have in your facility needs regular restorative cleaning: Carpet, upholstery, wood, tile, and so on. We have the specialized machines and products to make your escalators and moving walkways look like you just have them installed.

Whether you’re doing a renovation or setting up a periodic maintenance schedule, give us a call for a free demonstration. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s hiding under that high-traffic patina of dirt, grease, and grime — and so will your visitors.

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