Drapes & Upholstery

drapery cleaningDrapery cleaning is a cinch with our “Hotel Hygiene System.” Done on-site and in-place, Renue Systems®, cleans and removes any unsightly stains on your draperies and sheers without removing them from the windows, reducing down-time and maintaining the consistent rentability of your room. In just a few short minutes, drapes are clean, smell & look great and the room is ready for occupancy.

Upholstery Cleaning

The professionals at Renue Systems® of Georgia (formerly National Appeal®) pay special attention to making your upholstery look better than ever, whether it be sofas in the lobby or guest rooms, banquet chairs, or a hygienically cleaned mattresses, to give your guests peace of mind for a good night’s rest. We can remove most staining that other cleaning services cannot and provide treatments that eliminate all odors.

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