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Preventing Slip and Fall Incidents in Hotels: A Solution by Renue Systems of Georgia

Slip and fall incidents have long been a significant concern for hotels, posing risks to guests’ safety and imposing financial liabilities on hotel properties. It’s an unfortunate reality that even a single incident can lead to substantial medical costs, legal fees, and reputational damage. Two recent legal cases illustrate this point: guests at a Radisson hotel in North Dakota and a Governor’s Inn in Tennessee slipped and fell in bathtubs, leading to costly lawsuits against the hotels.

But the risk isn’t limited to bathtubs. Areas like pool decks, lobbies, and entryways can also pose slip-and-fall hazards, particularly when wet or poorly maintained. The question then arises: how can hotels ensure the safety of their guests while keeping their facilities aesthetically pleasing?

Preventing Slip and Fall Incidents in Hotels

Renue Systems' Slip-Resistant Treatment: A Safe and Affordable Solution

At Renue Systems of Georgia, we’re committed to helping hotels maintain a safe environment for their guests. That’s why, in partnership with one of our trusted supplier partners, we’ve developed an innovative slip-resistant treatment designed specifically to address these risks. This treatment is an affordable solution that significantly increases the coefficient of friction, effectively reducing the chances of slip and fall incidents without noticeably altering the appearance of the treated surfaces.

How Does It Work?

Our slip-resistant treatment involves applying a specialized coating to high-risk areas like bathtubs, showers, and pool decks. This coating creates a subtle texture that increases traction, providing guests with greater stability even when the surface is wet. Importantly, the treatment doesn’t change the visual aesthetics of the surface, allowing you to maintain your hotel’s unique style and appeal.

Incidents in Hotels

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