Smoking Room Cleaning

Smoking Room CleaningMore and more travelers are requesting and expecting a non-smoking environment. Inability to provide one can mean lost business. It’s time to get serious about Smoke Remediation and we can help! Let the Renue Systems® of Georgia (formerly National Appeal®) team of experts perform a complete smoking-room restoration. Our smoking-room conversions include deep cleaning of all soft goods, in addition to cleaning the walls and furniture, and misting or fogging the room or hallway to ensure complete removal of all residual smoke odors. This also includes remediation of marijuana smoke as it can be very difficult to remove the odor.  We will deploy HEPA air scrubbers in severe conditions which makes use of purification filters that help remove contaminants as the air within the space is circulated through the system.  Several times each hour, the scrubber draws the contaminated air from the space while simultaneously pumping in fresh air that is free of gases, chemicals, for cleanup or odor of airborne particles.

Have you already converted all of your smoking rooms? Even though most hotel properties have gone non-smoking, you still can experience the occasional rogue guest who smokes. We can help out in those situations as well.

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