Tile & Grout

Grout Color Sealing
Grout lines that appear dirty because they are not uniform in color can cost you points on your inspections.

Renue Systems® of Georgia (formerly National Appeal®) provides a permanent solution by covering grout lines with a colored resin sealer. Once the grout lines are coated in the color of your choice, the resin acts as both a coloring for the grout lines to ensure uniform color, and a sealer to prevent any additional dirt or liquid from penetrating the grout lines. After we color seal your grout lines, you only need to maintain them with a mild cleaner to keep them looking like new.

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Don’t have the time, expertise, or proper chemicals & equipment to maintain your hard surfaces the way it should be? Not sure what method is the safest for the cleaning of your tiled surfaces? Renue Systems® of Georgia (formerly National Appeal®) provides a sophisticated level of hard surface maintenance, combining powerful cleaning equipment with our exclusive blend of Hotel Hygiene chemicals. Our manufacturer-approved process provides almost immediate turnaround, and is safe for use on all tiled surfaces.

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