Restaurants have unique cleaning and disinfection needs. Our clients in the foodservice industry depend on us to respond quickly, work on their schedules, and provide the specific products and services necessary to efficiently and effectively prepare their facilities for sanitary food preparation and impeccable guest experiences.

We do not just clean and leave. We provide experienced, certified opinions, extensive accountability, dedicated technicians, and the level of dependability our clients need to be confident facing the unexpected cleaning requirements of the restaurant industry.

Front of House

Restaurant CleaningWelcoming and dining areas in restaurants have a wide variety of surfaces. All of these materials require different types of products and practices to provide effective and efficient disinfection, restoration, and cleaning. We offer a proprietary line of green cleaning products using only FDA Designed for the Environment components, minimizing atmospheric impact and promoting a superlative dining experience.

The right type of cleaning prolongs the life of high-value dining-area fixtures in restaurants, such as wood, stone, special finishes, and metals. Thorough restorative cleaning and color repair can also often revitalize carpet, upholstery, textiles, and other materials, postponing the need for replacement.


Heat, liquids, smoke, odor, and food all add up to create an environment that requires consistent and thorough cleaning. From greasy spoons to banquet halls, we service a wide range of clients with varying kitchen cleaning and disinfection requirements:

  • Water damage restoration and structural drying
  • Stone and tile restoration and cleaning
  • Odor control
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Periodic deep cleaning of fryers, grills, ovens, and other cooking appliances a must process for all restaurants
  • Cleaning for concrete, stainless steel, brick, plastic, and all other kitchen wall, ceiling, floor, and work surfaces

Quick Service

Fast food restaurants and franchises thrive on accountability. We offer complete reporting on services and products used, up to the hour, daily, or monthly, depending on our clients’ preferences. We go beyond claiming efficiency — we show it through hard data.


Restaurants, lounges, and other food service industry businesses often encounter the unexpected. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to address any cleaning emergency. We also offer flexible payments and customized processes to efficiently complement existing disinfection and cleaning practices, increasing guest satisfaction, and growing businesses.

Fine Dining

We have the experience, versatility, and attention to detail to accommodate the highest standards and most unique missions in the restaurant industry. From green products to deep, restorative cleaning methods, we offer solutions to exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating clients — and their guests.

Experienced Professional Cleaning

We have an extensive array of cleaning services, and we will meet with you to identify your needs. We welcome restaurants that need to bring their kitchens back to life with deep cleaning, flood or fire repair, window washing — any type of advanced or specialized restoration or maintenance.

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