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With decades of combined experience servicing the hotel industry, Renue Systems of Georgia is your preferred partner for cleaning, restoration, and disinfection. We revitalize spaces, enhance guest experiences, and provide superlative service and accountability.

Call us any time — even right now. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with humans answering the phone. We make it our priority to be available for:Hotel and Hospitality

  • Emergency cleanings
  • Room preparation for pop-up VIPs
  • Disaster restoration
  • Any other urgent cleaning problems you might have

Deep Cleaning

Our technicians have the certifications, experience, and practical knowledge necessary to go far beyond what your janitorial and housekeeping staff can do. We can clean and revitalize any surface or material you have in your hotel, from silk to microfiber — from concrete to marble. Our specialized hospitality industry cleaning services include:

  • Pool deck and locker room
  • Pet room and playground
  • Smoking room cleaning and deodorization
  • Cooking odor removal for restaurant areas and long-term stay hotels
  • Mattress revitalization and recycling
  • All types of stain removal on all surfaces including burn repairs and bleach repair

We also provide expert services for hard-to-reach and high-value fixtures and surfaces. Here are some examples:

  • Wood floor revitalization
  • Deep cleaning for drapery, carpet, and other textiles
  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Vinyl composite flooring stripping and waxing (VCT)
  • Awning cleaner services
  • Pressure Washing and specialty stone cleaning/polishing

We also have expert consultant services for more advanced projects. We are experienced with vintage hotel restoration, flood and fire remediation, and many other types of complex, unique projects. We work with hospitality organizations of every type and size, from independent bed-and-breakfasts to international hotel chains.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought the need for disinfection into the forefront of national discourse, but this practice has been one of our core services for many years. Our technicians have the experience to disinfect your back of the house areas, guestrooms, lobbies, and shared amenities, such as pools, pet rooms, and restaurants.

Maximum disinfection requires several technical steps. Simply spraying a product and wiping it off will not provide maximum kill — experience and knowledge make a difference. Renue Systems uses high-tech applicators and extensive product knowledge to provide maximum indicated coronavirus kill on even hard-to-reach spots, all while protecting your valuable fixtures and surfaces.

Professional Service

We provide accountability for services rendered down to the room level. You can elect to receive updates on our progress hourly, daily, or on a monthly basis. Your benefits when you partner with us include:

  • A range of services to meet your long-term missions and short-term goals: Access green cleaning products, restoration, low-moisture (fast-drying) options.
  • Better guest experiences: Provide immaculate rooms and common spaces that lead to higher levels of performance from your property.
  • Payment on your terms: Get products, services, and schedules that work for you, with the flexible billing terms you need to successfully manage cash flow and grow your business.
  • Increased compliance and performance: Join our current clients in enjoying successful quality assurance inspections and improved guest tracking scores.
  • Keep track of everything: Stay up to date with our meticulous record-keeping and reporting systems.

Contact us any time, day or night. We can schedule a consultation — or come out to handle your cleaning emergency immediately.

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