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Elevating Guest Experiences: The Power of Reviews in Hospitality

Explore the pivotal role of guest experience in hospitality and how online reviews and Renue Systems of Georgia’s cleaning services can boost satisfaction and loyalty.

Getting Orange and Grape Juice Stains Removed from Carpet

orange juice stains

Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of daily life or good old-fashioned clumsiness, there is nothing you can do to prevent accidents. Have you ever had an entire punch bowl spill in a ballroom or an urn of coffee drop on the carpet? Well, we have assisted with many of these situations! So if you […]

Removing Makeup Stains Left By Guests

clean makeup stains

Removing makeup stains from fabric can be tricky business unless you are aware of a few simple tricks. Anyone who has ever used nail polish knows it’s only a matter of time before the bottle of polish gets spilled on the carpet or furniture. Eliminating those unwanted eyesores can be a constant, never-ending battle that […]

How To Remove Gum From Carpet and Fabric in 7 Easy Steps

removing gum from carpet

Many people enjoy chewing gum. Unfortunately, gum usually ends up in places it’s not supposed to, which can reflect poorly on your hotel if not treated properly. Gum can be one of the more difficult routine cleaning tasks – due to its sticky nature. So how do you quickly eliminate gum when it’s so hard […]

Something to be Thankful for

Renue Systems

Renue Systems® of Georgia is very appreciative of the relationships we have developed with our customers to help make them and their properties SHINE. If we can help you and your property maintain the strong appearance you deserve do not hesitate to contact us. We’re available 24 hours 7 days a week!

Marble Bathroom Vanity

Here is a set of before and after pictures from a bathroom marble vanity that we made shine for a customer.

Pet & Cooking Odor in Hotel Guestrooms

Bringing pets on vacations is increasing in importance among hotel guests. At the same time, many extended stay hotels have kitchens which guests utilize. We can take care of odors and other debris resulting from these two situations. As shown in this accompanying picture a key step in the process is defogging the room.

Leading Trade Publication: Renue is Industry Leader

Renue Systems

We don’t like to blow our own horn because we want to stay hungry and continue to strive for the highest quality work every day. However, we were very pleased to see that Cleanfax, the leading magazine for the cleaning and restoration industry, named us as an industry leader. Read about it here: https://cleanfax.com/business-management/the-2015-restoration-industry-leaders-review/

We Handle All your Hotel’s Needs – and We Mean All

We like to say that when a customer is in need we will go to extremes to help. Well, shown in this picture is just that. When a large Marriott hotel needed help cleaning their high-rise exterior windows Renue Systems found them a solution.

The Challenges Of Tile & Grout Cleaning

While tile and grout by nature of their interconnections must be cleaned together, they actually are two very different substances that are best treated in dissimilar manners. Commonly composed of porcelain or ceramic, tile is extremely durable, smooth, and water-resistant whereas grout, typically sanded cement-based, is irregular and porous. These disparate qualities are complicated further […]