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Helpful DIY cleaning solutions for Atlanta Hospitality Managers

The Challenges Of Tile & Grout Cleaning

While tile and grout by nature of their interconnections must be cleaned together, they actually are two very different substances that are best treated in dissimilar manners. Commonly composed of porcelain or ceramic, tile is extremely durable, smooth and water resistant whereas grout, typically sanded cement-based, is irregular and porous. These disparate qualities are complicated…
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DIY Guide: Wine Stains

Don't risk a poor Quality Assurance Inspection or lousy Guest Score.  Stains happen! Next time you are faced with a wine stain, follow this DIY guide to minimize the long term damages of your investments. Test the stained area in an inconspicuous place before use. Saturate the area with Dye Remover Cover with a white…
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Red wine or drink spot on your carpet?

Here is a simple procedure that will likely improve the appearance of your carpet, although the sooner you take action on the spot the better the results. Saturate the area with dye remover. Cover with a white cotton or paper towel and apply steam with a steam iron for 15-20 seconds per pressing. Notice the…
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