Assisted Living Facilities

We provide annual deep cleanings, recovery, and restoration services for assisted-living facilities, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes. We understand the unique ethical and business concerns of the senior healthcare industry, and we take the time to get to know our clients — and their residents.

Ethical Practices

We understand that assisted living facilities have an ethical obligation to provide quality care for residents. We share the principles of freedom, privacy, and dignity from which our clients operate.

For us, ethical compliance means accountability. We offer in-depth reporting to the room level cleaning interval. Every practice and action is logged, so our clients always know exactly when and how cleaning took place.

We also keep detailed records to guide our own practices. For example, we make notes of which residents prefer having privacy, using their own cleaning products, doing their own chores, and so on.

Attention to Detail

Disinfection and cleaning are essential for saving lives in nursing homes, so attention to detail is paramount. Collectively, we hold nearly every certification in the industry for cleaning technicians. We know our products and processes thoroughly, from dwell times for maximum microbial kill to product choice for maximum surface integrity and lifespan.

Assisted Living FacilitiesOur cleaning processes are focused on total coverage. We use electrostatic spraying for more complete disinfectant coverage, even in hard-to-reach places. We clean everything in our clients’ facilities, from board games to carpeting to the awnings over entrances. When details matter, our clients depend on us.

Regulatory Compliance

Senior living facilities are highly regulated, and we are experienced operating in such an environment. We are ready to assess, advise, and act on concerns related to:

  • HIPAA risks related to cleaning and BAAs
  • AHE recommendations
  • HHS requirements
  • OSHA chemical regulations

Experience and Knowledge

While cleanliness and disinfection are essential elements of successful residential healthcare facilities, many of our clients find it challenging to reconcile training needs and OSHA requirements with frequent staff turnover. We provide the experience, knowledge, focus, and dependability that assisted living operators need to focus on patient care and business development. Several of our technicians have been with us for 15 years, and we have certified cleaning technicians at the highest levels of leadership.

Full Range of Services

Our assisted living cleaning services either complement or completely replace janitorial practices performed by in-house staff. For example, we provide periodic deep cleaning for textile, concrete, tile, stone, and any other surface commonly found in healthcare facilities. We also provide:

  • Regular carpet cleaning
  • Common area, external area, and room cleaning
  • Room deep-cleaning after resident changes
  • Water, mold, and smoke restoration
  • Bodily Fluid cleanup
  • Emergency and short-notice cleanup services for new and existing clients, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

Superior Customer Service

Our responsiveness, flexibility, in-depth consultations, and meticulous record-keeping make us a perfect business partner for assisted living centers. We are proud of the relationships we build between our technicians, clients, and leadership staff through trust, dependability, and consistent, sustained communication.

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